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All About Rentals

Right now, thousands of homes are available in metro Atlanta for lease or rent. Let our friendly rental agents connect you with the right property and landlord best suited for your unique situation.

• Easy rental application
• Choosing the Neighborhood
• Resources for Moving
Leasing vs. Renting
• Condos and Townhomes
• Single Family Homes

rental experience

house-rental2Make your rental experience the best that it can be. Careful goal setting and financial planning will help you avoid the unexpected. Ask yourself, what kind of living space do I most enjoy? Am I prepared for unexpected setbacks? How long do I want to rent? What kind of financial cushion do I need to have? Set your goals and get ready for the adventure.

  • Decorate. Make your rental home your own.
  • Save. Pay yourself first and put away money for your next big move.
  • Protect yourself. Renters insurance is always a smart move.

Fhouse-rentalinancial counseling, renting and home ownership go hand in hand. We can direct you toward professional consultants who can help you meet your goals.

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