Credit Restoration

Are you worried about issues on your credit report? Common problems like late payments, evictions and low credit scores will block your success in buying or renting a home, and if by chance you are approved, your interest rates could be higher. These are issues that cannot be ignored. Slow credit doesn’t have to be a barrier for you with our second chance rental and lease-purchase programs.

United Credit and Financial Education Services have helped many of our clients raise credit scores in as few as 60-90 days.

People often ask us to find private landlords when what they really need is help dealing with items on their credit report.  Yes, our second chance rentals can offer you a great home.  If you need to rebuild credit, we can help you use your good rental history to build positive credit. We can help you finally deal with the root problems and fix what is broken.

The FES Protection Plan is a comprehensive financial platform that gives you a new start not only with credit but puts you in control of your financial future with estate planning, credit building, identity protection, financial education for children, travel and retail savings, and so much more.

Check out the many products available now and get on the path to financial wellness.  Protect your financial future today! 

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